When it comes to one of the most upcoming social media networks for beauty, fashion and aesthetics, many clinic business owners are having their eye on Instagram success.

So what does it take to make it big on Instagram? Here are 10 hot tips that can help boost numbers and increase interaction.

1 Content is King – Use a Content Plan

Your content is the most important element of your Instagram campaign. It has to be on point. Using a content plan means that you can be prepared for what to post and when. Without it, things get a lot harder. Whilst posting good before and after images is advisable, you will need a lot more variation to reach success. A good content plan can provide that.

2 Invest in high quality photography

As a visual social network Instagram works when the quality of the photos is high. So investing in machinery and professionals can really help to catapult your Instagram feed to the next level. Personalising your clinic feed with some of your and staff/clinic photos will be key to growth. The better these photos are, the faster your audience will grow.

3 Follow competitors

Following competitors like other clinics and doctors is useful to take the pulse of what everyone is else is posting and talking about. It is also advisable to follow accounts that can inspire you with high quality content. However avoid entirely blending in. Only accounts that stand out, manage to reach critical success.

4 Use Instagram Stories

Posting Instagram Stories is proven as a method to grow your following faster. It gives you more visibility on Instagram and some users love this feature so much, they spend their entire time on Instagram on it. Use it wisely and it can be one of the most powerful weapons to grow your feed.

5 Use hip hashtags

There is no silver buller about hashtag usage. You have to keep up with the trends. Especially for hashtags that are very popular and highly topical. Try using websites that provide lists of the best hashtags but also take notice of the hashtags your audience and competitors are using.

6 Define an editing style

Your images have to be known for a certain style. Not using filters and styles consistently leads your feed looking inconsistent and that can cost you a lot of followers.

7 Optimise your bio page

The bio page is very powerful and optimising it with the right information is critical for success. Do not be afraid to mix factual with inspirational but do so with measure. Humor is good, but not universal, so unless you got it, avoid it. It would look your clinic feed look less professional.

8 Interact and engage

Many people still confuse social media with issuing press releases. Publishing content is straightforward but social is so much more than that. If you comment, send DMs and respond to all the comments made to you, it would help you further grow your audience. Much more it can create loyal brand ambassadors that help you by liking and commenting on your posts regularly.

Such followers create the base for your Instagram success.

9 Post consistently

A lot of clinics post when they can. But Instagram is about being consistent. If you can only post once a week that is fine. However avoid piling up posts, and then leaving the feed unattended for more than 4 weeks. After that it simply looks wrong. Social media is fun, but a content-hungry beast that does not stop.

10 Post when your followers are the most active

By analysing your post statistics you can single out the days and times your audience is most active. If you then start posting mainly at those types you are likely to see more likes, more comments and a higher follow rate.


For more help on how to grow your Instagram feed for your clinic, speak to one of our experts.