Social media marketing has long been on the rise. We take a look at one of those frequent questions our clients often ask us.

What is the best social network for my business?

The answer is not 100% straightforward. These days, participation in multiple social networks is a must as your customers could be loyal users of any of the below.


Sitting at the top of the list, Facebook has the biggest following from any other social network. So making it on Facebook, will only bring good things to your business.


A great up-and-coming social network that divides the masses. It’s loyal followers are happy to be influenced as much as possible. Many people however are simply not on it. Instagram is key to the social media mix but also a tough nut to crack without top content.


Many people in the beauty industry are unaware that Pinterest is not simply a shopping network. The user base consists predominantly of women, making it an ideal target for this demographic.

Tik Tok

If you are trying to get through to younger audiences, Tik Tok is the latest way to do it. One of the trendiest social media networks at the moment.


Twitter remains a key channel to communicate news to people, it is not the easiest channel to monetise but it does add to your mix. Twitter results appear in Google, and the activity on the network helps your overall SEO signals.


In a recent twist of events, LinkedIn has become a very vibrant social network. It is not the best for consumer marketing, but again, it helps with the overall mix, and you never know when a customer or business opportunity comes knocking.

Here is a list of all the UK social networks.


For more social media networks where your business can have an impact and gain sales, contact our expert team.

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