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What is PPC?

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Pay Per Click (often referred to as PPC advertising or Pay Per Click marketing) is the process of buying keywords or phrases relevant to your company in a paid search platform such as Google AdWords or Bing Ads.

The instant results for lead generation that PPC can produce for a business make it such an attractive marketing channel. PPC minimizes the period from investment to profit for start-ups and increases revenue fast for established companies. The ability to target users at certain times of the day in particular postcodes and with customised messages adds to the value of the channel’s ability to drive offers and emergency bookings.

Harnessing the power of Google Ads for your beauty or health business can be a transformative endeavour, revolutionizing the way you reach and engage with your target audience. Imagine a marketing ecosystem where your skincare solutions or wellness services are not merely shown to random internet users but are strategically placed before individuals already seeking related products or services. This is precisely what Google Ads achieves through its advanced targeting capabilities.

Utilizing keyword research, geographic parameters, and consumer behaviour analytics, Google and Bing Ads allow you to serve highly relevant advertisements at pivotal moments in the customer journey. Moreover, the platform’s robust analytics and data-driven insights empower you to continually refine your campaigns, optimizing for higher conversion rates and maximised return on investment.

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Pay Per Click (PPC) is the fastest route to market, which means that you can start driving sales within a few days of the campaign starting.
The timeframe for measurable results also depends on the type of service being offered. Usually, the more expensive the service/treatment, the longer you have to wait for the first results on the success of the campaign. As the purchase prices rise, customers tend to take longer to deliberate.

Why Digital Aesthetics for PPC?

Being a London-based agency means that we are right in the middle of the technological buzz. We handle Google AdWords & Bing Ads accounts for healthcare companies across many industry sectors including hospitals, doctors, dentists, aestheticians, dermatologists, specialists and many more. Our PPC agency team has gained experience through running various local, national and international campaigns. You can trust us to deliver results for you as we have for so many others since 2007.
Digital Aesthetics
Digital Aesthetics
Digital Aesthetics


Frequently Asked Questions

What are Google Ads, and how can they benefit aesthetic clinics?
Google Ads is a pay-per-click advertising platform that allows aesthetic clinics to display ads in Google's search results and on other Google properties. Clinics can target potential patients based on keywords related to their services, geographic location, and other demographics. Google Ads can benefit clinics by driving targeted traffic to their website, increasing visibility for specific treatments, and helping to capture high-intent users who are actively searching for aesthetic services.
How much does PPC cost?
PPC marketing is a form of investment with a measurable return. The rate of return depends on a number of factors. One of those factors is the cost per click, which varies greatly depending on sector and treatment. The click price is often related to the cost of the service provided with higher value services having a higher cost per click.
Are the results measurable?
The results are measurable and are reported on the beginning of each month. The power of PPC is that it provides a direct link between money invested and revenue earned. This means that PPC is the lowest-risk business investment in marketing today.

Why Choose Us?

Results-Driven Approach to Internet Marketing
  1. Established results with existing & past clients in the industry
  2. Complete monthly reporting with insights
  3. Extensive knowledge & experience in the clinical Sector
  4. We focus on revenue, not just traffic
  5. Impeccable success rates
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