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High value & cost-effective organic search marketing
Search engine optimisation is essential for cosmetic surgery clinics
Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

The fastest way to generate enquiries
Pay Per Click
Invest in Google Ads to find patients online
Social Media

Social Media

Listen, communicate, interact & engage
Social Media
Communication & transparency are important for cosmetic surgery consumers
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Web Design

Maximise enquiries from the website
Web Design
Use online booking systems to increase consultations

How we help cosmetic surgeons

Grow their client lists

Cosmetic surgery marketing results in high-value returns but also requires the appropriate investment. As cosmetic surgery is more expensive than non-surgical treatments, it has a longer customer journey. This means that the time of first exposure to the time of the final decision being taken can vary greatly, with the need for a more sophisticated search marketing approach.

Recognising this industry characteristic and building a strategy that meets demand but is also profitable requires experience and knowledge of individual treatments. Demand and competition for each of those treatments might greatly vary.

Our aim is to promote preferred treatments for individual clinics. Increasing revenue by capitalising on profitable demand. The method of eliminating unprofitable areas and focusing on revenue-producing aspects of the business has resulted in great successes for cosmetic surgeons that work with us.

If your service meets high-quality standards we can guarantee a risk-free investment in online marketing that will produce results. In-depth analysis of every aspect of your business means investigating operations, exploring demand based on location and mystery shopping customer services. All this to ensure that all departments deliver on important business objectives that will ensure growth.

We do not believe in marketing ‘packages’ or one-size-fits-all solutions for the cosmetic surgery sector. Every clinic and surgeon need a bespoke plan to reach success. This is not only because every cosmetic clinic is unique but more so because the public’s perception is unique for every clinic.

We apply a winning formula for generating enquiries that increase every year. Our process offers stability and the possibility to forecast business growth. This is the reason we still work with loyal customers in the cosmetic services industry since 2007.

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Best Dental Website 2018 Finalist nomination

We have been honoured to be shortlisted for Best Website at the Dentistry Awards 2018. To experience the quality of our work and the positive impact on your business, get in touch today to find out how we can help you reach the next level.

Increase your revenue

    Why Digital Aesthetics

    Since 2007 we have been focusing on cosmetic surgery and aesthetics clinics. The unique expertise we have developed on business to consumer marketing of cosmetic surgery treatments makes us the most specialist agency in the UK.

    We are responsible for the promotion of over 20 medical & aesthetic clinics, skin care companies, NHS Trusts & hospitals across the country.

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    Our relationship with Digital Aesthetics has helped our business grow immeasurably in a highly competitive sector over the last 3 years.They understand healthcare and are true online marketing experts. Don't be taken in by amateurs - these guys really know their stuff.

    Alya Shakir, Managing Director

    Harley Health Centre
    Transparent and thorough working of SEO / PPC management. Highly recommended have worked with them on many projects for over 7 years.

    Justin Berkovi, Director

    Venlo Ltd