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What is Social?

88% of consumers claim that authenticity is a crucial factor in deciding which brands they support.

We understand which social media networks work best with the healthcare and beauty sectors and understand how to fully take advantage of these networks to get the most out of social media marketing for our clients.

Social media marketing, whilst not instant, carries strong long-term benefits for a business. It cultivates customer retention by keeping in touch with existing clients. Social media marketing creates the opportunity for a message to be shared amongst very large audiences at a very low cost.

Finally, it introduces you to new customers who would have not heard of you otherwise. It also provides strong targeting capabilities to select specific audiences that are particularly relevant to your business. Age, location and hobbies are just a few of the areas we focus on.

Experience of Working with Different Sectors

In the constantly evolving digital world of today, having a strong online presence across social media is vital for your brand to flourish. We have worked with clients from an array of different sectors to help them grow their audience through social media marketing.

Why Digital Aesthetics for Social?

Social media needs experience, love and attention to flourish into a valuable marketing channel. You will not find this with $99 per month deals. We do not practice or endorse the use of automated forms of social media marketing.

This does not mean we do not use automation to make our work more efficient. It means that the messages we put out are written by humans for humans and with a good dose of personal interaction.
Digital Aesthetics
Digital Aesthetics
Digital Aesthetics


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to invest in social media?
With children, teenagers and young adults spending increasing amounts of time on social media, buying decisions are already moving to these platforms.

Your future customers are already so engaged in social media that if you do not invest in social media marketing now, you can be fast out of touch. Anticipating the current and future demands for social media marketing is critical because the creation of a successful social media presence requires time and effort to establish and grow.
Is social media relevant for beauty and healthcare?
Social media is relevant now more than ever in the marketing of services in the beauty and healthcare industries. The beauty industry is already reaching an important stage in usage and buying decisions.

This is already impacting most areas of healthcare, from simple GP appointments to specialists. This trend of marketing through social media continues to grow.
How can aesthetic clinics utilize social media for marketing?
Aesthetic clinics can leverage social media by creating engaging content that showcases their services, success stories, and testimonials. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook are ideal for visual content, such as before-and-after photos, live Q&A sessions, and behind-the-scenes looks at treatments. Clinics should also interact with their followers through comments and messages to build a community and encourage word-of-mouth referrals.

Why Choose Us?

Results-Driven Approach to Internet Marketing
  1. Established results with existing and past clients in the industry
  2. Complete monthly reporting with insights
  3. Extensive knowledge and experience in the clinical sector
  4. We focus on converting keywords in addition to traffic
  5. Impeccable success rates
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