Much discussion is taking place right now about the covid virus (aka coronavirus) and it’s implications on business for cosmetic clinics and other healthcare-related organisations. As people start restricting their travel, business-to-consumer activity could reduce significantly.

The situation could intensify if the government decided to implement emergency measures to limit the spread of the disease. So what could a clinic do to handle this situation and retain profitability:

1. Internet-based Consultations

If measures are put in place to restrict travel compulsory, then online consultations could be the only avenue for you to maintain a revenue stream and contact with interested clients.

We advise for this service to be extended over Skype, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger to make it as easy as possible for people to get in touch and have their consultation.

2. Email Marketing

Keeping in touch with your client base at a time like this might be a very effective way to stay connected and relevant. Sharing accurate and relatable information about the virus could also be a welcome addition for your overall branding.

3. Bookings & Cancellations

Most companies are now proactively confirming bookings to ensure that cancellations are handled in the best possible manner. So an emergency cancellation policy would come handy.

4. Offers and Discounts

Obviously this would only work if the situation allows and government advice does not restrict or stop travel altogether. Depending on the situation some emergency offers, discounts or add ons could be offered to counterbalance a drop in business.


We hope that you all keep as safe as you can and face the absolute minimum interruption possible for your business.

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