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Walk-In Clinic Case Study

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    About the project

    The Walk-in Clinic is a concept created by the Harley Street GP Practice. They needed our help in differentiating themselves from other GP services in the walk-in sector. We created a new website structure for them which lead to an increase in inquiries every year since starting this partnership.

    The problem

    Walk-in Clinic started as a concept created by an established Harley Street GP practice. The ideal outcome of the business was to differentiate itself from clinics which are offering strictly GP services in the walk-in sector. Therefore they added a location in the heart of the City of London in Bury Street, next to the Gherkin building.

    The solution

    Our solution was to undergo an in-depth analysis of the industry. Therefore we did an industry review which consisted of a thorough keyword and market analysis. This process led to putting the bases for a new content structure which was far superior to all known competitors. After creating a strong website structure together with the latest SEO techniques, the first results didn’t take too long to appear.
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    What we achieved:

    • A consistent increase in traffic every year since 2012
    • Increase in enquiries every year
    • The highest traffic website in its sector
    • Year 2 – 91% increase
    • Year 3 – 20% increase
    • Year 4 – 56% increase

    Before & after

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    before Walk-In Clinic after Walk-In Clinic


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