Digital Aesthetics


Kostas Alekoglu

Managing Director / Founder
With a 16 year career across a variety of industry sectors, Kostas adds experience and problem-solving skills to the team.
  • Years of experience
  • Degree
    International Marketing
  • Location
    London, UK
  • Specialisation
    Online Marketing, Project Management

After completing a year studying Economics and a full course in Marketing, Kostas started his career in a position dealing with sales and marketing.

In his last year of university he co-founded his first company, a print publication.

After graduating in 2003 he immersed himself in the world of online marketing. His love affair with the marketing agency world began in 2005 when he became Head of SEO for a business group running 157 local websites, a social network for small businesses and a healthcare publishing division.

In 2007, Kostas launched his first agency, which quickly grew to successfully service a number of large and medium-size businesses.

The evolution of that first attempt is Digital Aesthetics, bringing a new focus on revenue-growing marketing services for the Healthcare and Beauty industries.

View Kostas Alekoglu on the BBC News show 'Victoria Live' discussing online privacy and the Facebook data breach.

Kostas Alekoglu Skills

  • Marketing

    Apart from his studies in International Marketing, Kostas has 16 years experience running marketing campaigns across a number of different sectors in Beauty and Healthcare.

  • Project Management

    Kostas has been overseeing the creation of websites, web development projects as well as the creation of the in-house software we use.

  • Strategic Planning

    Strategy sits at the heart of what we do and using experience and knowledge Kostas leads the team in formulating winning strategies for our clients.

  • Analytics

    In marketing, numbers and insights play a great part in the conception of new strategies to overcome difficulties and to take advantage of opportunities.

  • Public Speaking

    With opportunities so far on BBC Radio World Service, the Eye For Travel conference in London and a live appearance on BBC News Victoria Live programme Kostas has had the opportunity to grow his public speaking skills.


1999 - 2003

International Marketing

University of Greenwich
Kostas started his career in marketing with studies at the University of Greenwich Business School. There he took his first steps in understanding marketing and consumer behaviour and learning how to apply them in real-life situations.
1996 - 1997

BA Economics

Univercity of Greenwich
Kostas spent a year studying Economics at the University of Greenwich before moving to a marketing degree. In that time he developed an interest in macro and microeconomics.