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Neem Tree Case Study

Website Redesign

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    About the project


    The problem

    The Neem Tree needed our expertise in order to establish their newest two dental practices. Their second goal was to make online marketing a successful channel to help the brand reach new heights of success and fulfil their potential. After reviewing the case, we found that Neem Tree Dental needed brand consolidation and some restructuring of online web properties.

    The solution

    In order to help the client, we decided the best approach is to build a brand new website which will accurately showcase the brand’s identity and goals. After the completion of the website, using our marketing tools we closely monitored the website’s performance in order to detect any issues. Moreover, over the time we’ve made several improvements to make sure the website is optimised and running properly.
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    What we achieved:

    • Highest conversion rate we ever recorded for a dental website
    • More success through search marketing & social media promotions
    • Shortlisted as Best Website for the UK Dentistry Awards 2018

    Before & after

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    before Neem Tree after Neem Tree


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